How to Write A Book – By Me

I think I’ve finally figured out my methodology for writing a book. First, I come up with a good idea, and write it down, then spend some time fleshing it out. Next, I think too hard about it, decide my original idea sucks, cut most of it, come up with a new idea involving the same characters and general premise, then write it down and spend the next couple of weeks fleshing it out.

Then I decide that sucks, so I cut some of it out, then tinker with it some more, and, using the same general premise and characters, along with some of the ideas, I come up with another idea. Then I flesh that out.

Then I decide the whole damn thing sucks, I’m a failure at coming up with original ideas and have been a fool all along for thinking I could write a grocery list, never mind a book, and I drink some Moscato and feel sorry for myself.

Then I think some more about it because dammit, I’ve fallen in love with my characters, and so I figure out some more plot points and start tinkering again, and then, while looking back through old drafts of the idea, decide my original idea wasn’t so shitty, after all, and maybe there’s hope for me yet, so I decide to start working with that again.

And there you have it, folks. My method for writing a book…or in this case, outlining one.


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