Out of print, not out of luck

I had a moment of depression tonight to realize my book, “Dark Thirst” is out of print. I had a reader contact me through Goodreads, asking if it was available in ebook. I found this kind of odd, since it hasn’t been available in paperback for some time, outside of used copies, but has sold pretty well in both Kindle and Nook formats since its release. But when I went to both Amazon and BN.com, I realized to my dismay that my reader was right — it’s no longer available.

Which kinda sucks, considering it launches my entire Brethren series, and is considered by a lot of fans to be the best book of the bunch. (I have a harder time choosing the best from among them — too much like choosing your favorite from among your kids.)

So I have an email asking “Hey, uh…what’s up?” out to my former editor at Kensington, the publishing company who’d released both “Dark Thirst,” and its sequel, “Dark Hunger.” We’ll see what, if anything, I hear in reply. I suspect the book is out of print — the literary equivalent of purgatory, or limbo. If so, I’m going to try to get my rights back to it and go from there.

Ironically, this discovery comes on the heels of me deciding to draw the Brethren series to a conclusion with my current work in progress, the tenth installment, “Darkness Falls.” I’ve enjoyed the ride with Brandon, Lina, and the gang over the years, and love the connection I’ve found with so many readers who have invested so much time, energy, and emotion into the Brethren world. But before I end the series, I want to make sure it’s available to those who want to read it — in its entirety, and that includes “Dark Thirst.” One way or the other, it will be available to readers again in the immediate future.

I’ll keep you posted.

5/5/2015: Update

After corresponding with my former editor at Kensington, I have been assured that “Dark Thirst” will be available for sale in ebook formats very soon. Not sure why it was pulled in the first place, but I suspect it’s because it’s been eight years since it’s initial release. That’s a long shelf life, even for an ebook.

I’ll post an update once “Dark Thirst” is available again, and plan to have a hella huge Grand Re-Launching Party once it does! Stay tuned!


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