Breaking up is hard to do

Dear Untitled WIP,

For more than three months now, I’ve tried to make this thing between us work. I like your characters and your premise. My writing with you hasn’t been bad. But no matter what I’ve tried — and believe me, I’ve tried everything — it’s just not working out. I think we need some time apart.

I know I’ve done this to you before, and when I dusted you off in October with the intention of giving you another go, I really was determined to make it work. I felt a renewed enthusiasm for you, and dove right in where we’d left off, hoping that things had changed. That you had changed, and that together, we could find a happy ending.

When that didn’t work out the way I’d hoped, I refused to give up on you. I simply started you from scratch, keeping the things about you that I’d loved, while scrapping the things I felt were holding us back. I outlined you. I researched you. I spent hours each day hunched over my laptop, putting effort, energy, and love into you.

And then, last night, as I hit yet another roadblock creatively with you, it occurred to me. This was never going to work.

Thus, I’m breaking up with you, tucking you back into the virtual archives of manuscript relationships that just failed to pan out. It’s a modest company you’ll keep; I’ve only ever left three manuscripts unfinished, including you — and one technically doesn’t count, because it was on another laptop that crashed, deleting all copies of it. (Moral of that story: back up your work.)

I’m sorry. It’s not you. It’s me. Or maybe it is you. Maybe it’s both of us. But whatever the reason, we just don’t click. We don’t mesh. God knows we tried.

There’s no one else…okay, there wasn’t until last night, when I let my mind’s eye wander toward a new idea, new characters, a new premise. But so far, they’re just a friend. They’re not the reason I’m leaving you.

I hope you understand. I love you, but some things just aren’t meant to be.

– Sara


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