Hot rods!

Visited the National Street Rod Association’s annual show at the Louisville fairgrounds today with my mom and stepfather. Enjoyed the revving of engines, the sparkle of chrome, and the sight of hundreds of old people on scooters — I’ve never seen so many in my life in one place!

We had a great time. The weather wasn’t too hot and we left before anyone got too tired and grumpy. You can’t ask for better family time than that.



This green car, above, was my son’s favorite, hands-down. And, as he repeatedly pointed out, “It’s for sale!” 



This amazing Cadillac from the early 1960s still had pristine factory paint, and only 19,000 original miles on it. I don’t know whose garage it’s been hiding in for the past 50+ years, but it was immaculate — hands-down my favorite of the day.



My daughter favored orange cars. (It’s her favorite color!)



Heh heh – a winged pig hood ornament. Probably not original to the car, but still pretty funny.20140802-141337-51217040.jpg


Saw this sign in one of the hot rod windows and had a good laugh.




This hood ornament, which appears to be either a dragon or a winged seahorse, was on an old Ford delivery truck pictured in full above it. I have a thing for groovy hood ornaments, and this one definitely qualifies. Below, my husband and stepdad check out the same old truck.





My mom and kids. Usually the hot rod show is a boys-only event for my stepdad, husband and son, but this year, we girls decided to get in on the fun.



I thought this car looked like it was smiling.

20140802-141549-51349680.jpgA row of blue-and-white, circa-1950s Chevy Bel Airs: one of my favorite color schemes on one of my favorites kinds of vintage cars.




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