Back in the saddle, outside the box

10451726_10152264443228558_3796504134047502670_nI’ve been thinking about restarting a blog for a long time, if only to have a place where I could vent my brain occasionally about life, love, work, writing, family life, etc. Yeah, I have Facebook for that, but sometimes it’s nice just to jot something down that absolutely no one else in the world may ever see. I blogged for years when I first began my pursuit of publication, and have kept copies of all of those old blog posts, even though my original blog is long gone.

So what made me finally bite the bullet and blog again? This picture. I needed to see this. I’ve read some pretty scathing remarks from readers on plot choices I made in Dark Vengeange 2. I knew when writing  Dark Vengeange 2 that the choices I made wouldn’t appeal to everyone, but I made them anyway because I felt creatively they were in the best interest of the series as a whole, that they would keep the stories moving forward. I could have given those readers the sugar-sweet HEA they wanted, but then there would be no place left really for the Brethren to go in my opinion. I’ve opened up a lot of doors creatively to keep this series interesting and engaging for me as a writer, and I hope, for you as a reader. In other words, I plan ahead, and my stories NEVER stop with the words “The End.” I’m always thinking of what will happen next, and planning for the next book, and I want to give readers an overall series story arc that’s engaging, exciting and unexpected.

I will never stop thinking and writing outside of the proverbial box. I’m never going to compromise what I feel makes a stronger, more powerful, poignant, or passionate story just because I’m worried someone out there might not like it. If that pisses someone off, I’m sorry. If that means I lose you as a reader, I’m sorry.   That wasn’t my intention. Just the opposite, in fact. And to those readers who have contacted me to let me know they enjoyed the book and couldn’t wait to see what happens next, thank you. That was my intention.


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